Sheet Music Database

The sheet music database includes several thousand sheet music files listed by composer name, which can be used for your own analysis projects, especially for corpus analysis. The scores come from a number of online databases freely available on the Internet as well as other research databases, cf. list of databases. All files can be used in compliance with Creative Commons licensing. All these score data are converted to MusicXML format so that they can be directly loaded into MuseScore, viewed there, and listened to (with midi sound).
Attention: The quality of the individual MusicXML files have not been checked and can therefore strongly vary; possible errors are not excluded.

From this comprehensive database of sheet music, a subcorpus of sheet music database was generated, corresponding to a short (and subjective) walk through European music history. All MusicXML files were checked for quality and with respect to possible errors. This selection contains all scores used in the two modules for note analysis (Basics notes, Advanced notes) and the corresponding tasks. Four different genres were considered: Vocal, piano solo, string quartet and symphony.

The Sheet Music Database is arranged alphabetically by composer. On each composer subpage all available compositions are listed.

The columns of the lists contain the following information:

  • The first three columns refer to the number in the respective list of works: to opus, number opus and movement number. If the note COM is given, the work or movement is complete; otherwise, the movement number and the total number of movements are noted (2-3 means, for example, the second of three movements); the note UNSP means that this information is not given.
  • The year refers to the year of composition (if known).
  • The key refers to the key indicated in the title. (CAUTION: the actual key of sections may differ!).
  • The work title, underlaid with the download link to the xml score file. (To download: Right-click 'Save target as…'; Copy filename: Right-click 'Copy link address').

The Subcorpus of the sheet music database is arranged chronologically; the corresponding list therefore contains the composer's name and genre in an additional column.

The file name is composed as follows: the composer abbreviation, the first three columns of the table, the beginning of the work title (10 characters), the number abbreviation for the database (cf. list of databases), and an ID number:

        Composer-abbreviation_Opus_Opus-No_in Opus-Movement-No_Title_database-No_ID.xml

If you encounter errors in the note files while working with the analysis tools, please report them to the project team (analyse@hfm-weimar.de.) - if possible with an exact indication of the file name as well as the error that occurred.

Of course you can also edit your own files (in MusicXML format) with the analysis tools.
If you want to extend the sheet database with your own score files and make your scores available to all users in this way, please contact us by email: analyse@hfm-weimar.de.

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