Cantonial sentences of Sethus Calvisius (Edition: Dr. Franz Kaern-Biederstedt)

The database includes cantonial compositions of Sethus Calvisius (1556-1615) in an edition edited by Franz Kaern-Biederstedt, following the fourth edition of 1612 (the last edition edited by Calvisius himself). Cf. Franz Ferdinand Kaern-Biederstedt: The „Harmonia Cantionum ecclesiasticarum“ of the Leipzig Thomaskantor Sethus Calvisius. Entstehung, Quellen, Stilistik, Wilhelmshaven: Florian Noetzel Verlag 2015.

Note: For correct display of the song texts and incipits, the font Junicode and character sets Capella Middle Ages and Capella Renaissance must be installed.

To the compositions of Sethus Calvisius.

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