The modules and tutorials provided here introduce various possibilities of computer-assisted analysis of sheet music and audio files on the basis of music-analytical questions. Each of the two teaching units Sheet Music or Audio consists of a basic module (Basics Sheet Music or Basics Audio) and a specialization (Advanced Sheet Music or Advanced Audio).

The teaching units (Lessons) can be carried out in self-study or within courses. The duration of the lessons is approximately 4-6 hours or three sessions of a 90-minute with additional preparation, homework, and optional immersion. You can find a list of tutorials here.

Today, various procedures and approaches of sheet music analysis can be extended by computer-aided methods of visualization, statistical evaluation and targeted pattern search. This is what the teaching unit (Lessons) on musical analysis of scores is about.

The teaching unit (Lessons) on audio analysis focuses on recordings - and thus on listening to music. Recordings can also be visualized with the help of the computer, especially by displaying the spectral energy distribution in relation to time (Basics Audio). For recordings of popular music, of ethnic music, but also of electroacoustic music, new analytical approaches have been developed in which musical notation sometimes plays no role (Advanced Audio).

The methodical extension cannot and does not want to replace the listening of music and the examination of the musical text in any case - but rather wants to extend and empirically substantiate it.

The project is currently in the testing phase. Feedback is welcome: analyse@hfm-weimar.de

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