In three advanced tutorials of the module Audio Advanced the insights gained in Tutorial: Spectral Visualization with the Sonic Visualiser and Tutorial: Spectral Visualization of Vocal Recordings shall be supplemented and continued. The focus is on automated analysis and visualization possibilities of sound, harmonics and rhythm, which are calculated from the spectral data of the audio file with the help of so-called Vamp Plugins.

The three tutorials are located on their own subpages:

Installing the Vamp plugins

The Vamp Plugins are an audio processing plugin system in which MIR researchers* develop plugin extensions for the Sonic Visualiser and make them freely available. The individual plugins each extract different information from the audio files and visualize it into a new visualization layer (Layer) in the Sonic Visualiser.

A List of the Vamp plugins developed so far contains short descriptions and links to the corresponding documentation and download pages. After downloading, the plugin files must be placed in a folder called „Vamp Plugins“, which is located in the same folder as the Sonic Visualiser program folder, e.g. in C\:Programs or C\:Program files.\\. Afterwards, the plugins can be accessed via the Transform menu item in Sonic Visualiser and can be applied to the open audio file.

The following plugin packages are required for the tutorials:

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